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NOLAVA the new mindfulness app

NOLAVA WELLBEING App is a new App that aims to support health and wellbeing through sleep support, mindfulness, meditation, and inspiring, relaxing soundscapes from around the World.

‘Live Your Best Life Everyday’

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Incorporating a daily relaxation practice for millions of people worldwide has led to positive health benefits such as improved sleep and reduced anxiety. Regular meditation has been shown to increase focus and creativity. Improved sleep quality delivers far reaching benefits that may contribute to a reduction in heart problems and diabetes. Sleep is essential to wellness, but it can be elusive; winding down into a sleep ready state is challenging for many.

Premium Original Content:

Fall asleep faster, sleep soundly, develop lasting mindful strategies, dreamy original soundscapes.

Our Founder spent years working in Holistic Health. The NOLAVA WELLBEING App is a distillation of her experience. The most important state of our lives is getting a good night’s sleep and it is the foundation for good health.

The NOLAVA WELLBEING App delivers a series of soundscapes, guided meditations and articles focusing on health, wellness, and stress management.

Using the NOLAVA WELLBEING App each day will help you to:

- Reduce Fatigue

- Manage Stress

- Improve Sleep Quality

- Improve Emotional Self-Regulation

- Improve Focus and Concentration

- Improve Communication

- Become More Mindful

- Become More Forgiving

- Increase Energy Levels

- Increase Feelings of Gratitude

- Increased General Happiness

- Deep Sleep

- Restful Sleep

- Calming the Mind

- Mindfulness at home

- Mindfulness at work

- For Kids and Teens relaxation

- And so much more...


- Original calming soundscapes; Ocean waves, Singing bowls, Pink noise, Meditation sounds, Healing music, Rain sounds and more to help you have better sleep

- New FREE eBooks to help you have better sleep, yoga power poses, natural headache relief, stress relief strategies

Join us and start your journey today as we help you to

‘Live Your Best Life Everyday’

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