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14 Night Sleep Challenge!

Nolava 14 Day Sleep Challenge

Time for Sleep – Sleep Masks are Scientifically proven to improve health through enhanced sleep.

It’s time to stop thinking about sleep masks as gimmicks but as legitimate tools with the power to help solve many of the most common sleep problems. Covering your eyes and blocking out light may be new to you so you might be surprised by what comes next!

Research is beginning to show that the use of sleep masks can lead to increased time in REM sleep and contribute to the production of higher levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone released by the pineal gland but only when it’s dark. If you’re wearing a good light blocking sleep mask, you’ll already be ahead of the game!!  Not to mention catching up on your beauty sleep


Creating the mood for sleep is a big part of solving the sleep vs non sleep puzzle. 

Visualize how your fitness would leap forward if upon waking to the sound of your morning alarm you sprung out of bed, jumped into joggers and sneakers and ran out the door, all before breakfast! OK, maybe you already do but we’d say for many that would be a huge stretch!

So, the point that’s being made here is, could setting a bedtime alarm and putting your sleep mask on create the mood for ‘going to sleep’?  Much like the exercise example, would you be setting a habit in place for good sleep every night? Maybe for the rest of your life? If this sounds interesting to you read on.





Find a comfortable, well-fitting sleep mask.

It’s important to find a sleep mask that doesn’t feel tight, or hot.

Choose silk. 100% pure silk is naturally hypoallergenic and because it’s a natural fiber it  will allow your skin to breathe while you sleep.  It’s light on the face, won’t stretch the skin or give you baggy morning eyes!!

(The NOLAVA 100% Mulberry Sleep Mask, is super comfy and comes with earplugs and a gel mask).



Put your NOLAVA sleep mask on every night for 14 nights. This will establish a pattern and lead to a habit.



It may be useful to keep a sleep diary to jot down how you felt, did you fall asleep faster, did you stay asleep, did you sleep through the early morning light of dawn?  How did you feel during the day?



Take the challenge, register your interest and we’ll send you a special Sleep Challenge discount code to receive 10% off the purchase price of our Silk Sleep Mask Set ‘The Gift of Sleep’.  NOLAVA Silk Sleep Masks are shipped at no charge across the US.



Please share your journey with us, tag us on instagram @nolavadesigns or post a review on our website. 


Will you keep going, did you feel more rested, we’d love to know how you feel now? If you’d like to take a deeper dive into Sleep check out our eBook 'SLEEP ARE YOU GETTING ENOUGH?', it’s full of useful facts, tips and strategies to help you get the best shot at the best nights sleep EVER !

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