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How do I order from your website?
The products on our website are fulfilled by Shopify with free standard shipping offered on all purchases within the USA. 

Why are your products not available World Wide?
Due to current demand we are only shipping at this time to customers in the USA. As Global conditions change our shipping arrangements will be reassessed.  

Will Nolava Designs be offering other silk products?
Our product development team plan new products based on customer feedback and demand.  We are very open to listening to what your thoughts are.

Do you have any new products coming?
Yes. If you would like information please register your email and we will keep you updated on new products and pre launch order discounts.

Eye Pillow FAQ's

Can the Lavender and Flax seed weighted eye pillow be washed? 
The Organic cotton cover on the eye pillow can be removed for hand washing.  We recommend using a gentle soap, solution, rinse well and air dry.

Can the Lavender and Flax seed weighted eye pillow be chilled? 
Yes, it can be chilled in the freezer.  To ensure the filling stays dry we recommend placing it in a zip lock plastic bag.

Can the Lavender and Flax seed weighted eye pillow be warmed?
Yes, heat in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds, test on the back of your hand to ensure it is not too hot before resting it across your eyes.

How long does the Lavender scent last for?
It depends on a few factors, it is best to keep it in the storage pouch when not in use and out of direct sunlight.  You can always give it a light lavender spritz to refresh !

Eyes Mask FAQ's 

Is the Nolava Eye Mask silk ?
Yes, the Nolava Eye Mask is made from the finest 100% Mulberry silk. 

What is the Nolava Eye Mask filled with?
100% Mulberry silk.

Is the Nolava Eye Mask washable?
Yes, wash in a neutral solution of soap or use a gentle shampoo.  It’s best to use cool water, rinse well and air dry.  To absorb more water and speed up the drying time try rolling and gently squeezing the moisture out in a clean towel before air drying.

What is the Gel Eye Mask Insert made with?
It contains beads of water.

Does the Gel Eye Mask contain latex?

Can I heat the Gel Eye Mask in the microwave?
We recommend warming in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes before use.  The gel mask contains water beads that should not be over heated. Always insert into the silk pocket on the Eye Mask, it is more comfortable and will protect your delicate eye area.

Can I freeze the Gel Eye Mask?
We don’t recommend freezing.  The gel mask contains water beads.  It is best to avoid placing ice across the delicate eye area.  Chill for a couple of hours in the fridge before use, slip into the silk pocket on the Eye Mask, it is more comfortable and will protect your delicate eye area.

Will the Nolava Eye Mask fit all head sizes?
Yes, we believe it will.  That is why we designed it with an adjustable strap that is covered with silk.  The benefit offers full customization and because the silk band covers the buckle you will be able to sleep in perfect, tangle free comfort all night long.

Do I have to store the Silk Eye Mask away when not in use?
We have supplied a silky pouch for storage on your night stand.  Or you could also try using it for other items, keep rings and earrings safely tucked away while you sleep.  

Can I iron the silk eye mask?
Sure you can iron it, but on silk setting and use a light cloth to protect.  It shouldn’t be necessary to iron once it has been air dried.



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