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NOLAVA Eye Pillows

2021 & 2022 Best Eye Pillow Winner*

Induce deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.


💤 100% Organic Removable Cotton Cover
💤 Flax Seed and Lavender Bud Weighted Pillow
💤 Handy Cotton Drawstring Carry Bag



FANTASTIC AID for sleeping, yoga and migraines.

DRIFT OFF TO SLEEP as the eye pillow delivers a subtle natural scent and the pure bliss of relaxation.

PERFECT for meditation, savasana  or simply relaxing at the end of a long day.

SOOTHES HEADACHES AND SINUS PAIN the flax seeds deliver gentle pressure to the sinuses and eye area to help relieve tension. 

HEATED EYE MASK to relieve dry eyes.

COOLING EYE MASK will act as a cool compress to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes refreshing tired eyes.

*Voted by Verywell mind

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NOLAVA Eye Pillows

NOLAVA Sleep Masks

Game changing NOLAVA silk sleep mask delivering the best nights sleep you’ve ever had! 😴


💤 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask 
💤 A silky smooth pouch for convenient storage
💤 Reusable gel mask
💤 Earplugs

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UNIQUELY DESIGNED this Silk Eye Mask has a concealed pocket to slip the warmed or chilled gel mask into ensuring your skin is always in contact with the feel of pure silk. We think ya’ll love it 

CUSTOMIZED FIT  no more hair tangles, no more tight head bands just the perfect fit. Because we don’t believe ‘ one size fits all’. 

SAY GOOD BYE TO SLEEP CREASES, DARK CIRCLES & PUFFY EYES  -  this eye mask set offers 2 treatment options, cool or warm to suit your need. 

DRIFT OFF TO SLEEP and stay asleep.

GIFT BOX treat yourself, friends and family to the Gift of Sleep.

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NOLAVA Sleep Masks

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