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Using meditation to unlock your potential - all it takes is a few minutes of your time !

Using meditation to unlock your potential - all it takes is a few minutes of your time !

Meditation - the foundation

If you're new to meditation one of the first things on your to do list will be to find a quiet, comfortable space in your home, preferably somewhere you won't be disturbed. Turning off all distraction sends a  signal to your conscious mind that this is going to be your alone time.  If you’re a beginner 10 to 15 minutes is recommended. Gradually adding more time as you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Meditation is a skill that improves with regular practice. If you can, try to schedule some regular time each day for meditation.

Meditation - you can take it everywhere and anywhere

A great benefit of meditation is that you can take your practice anywhere.

The quiet time of the morning before everyone wakes up is a beautiful time of day and an ideal time to meditate.  Meditating in the early morning is a perfect way to start your day. It will  improve your mental clarity, creativity, and energy preparing you for whatever lies ahead.  

Lighting a candle is another way of signalling that it's time to switch off the busy mind.   It may also enhance your meditation, creating a sense of ritual and calmness as you settle into your practice. The flickering flame of a candle may help to improve focus and ease you into a place of deeper enlightenment. Lighting a candle is also an act of self-care. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly; repeat for 3 breaths. You are at peace with yourself, and you are at peace with the world. 

Quietly saying  a mantra has been found to improve focus. And, when the mind begins to wander ( and be prepared it will ) your mantra will help to bring you back to your practice. Don't be hard on yourself, this is all part of the process. In time you will gain greater control of your mind and increase your ability to  block out 'invading' thoughts.  

You really can take your meditation practice anywhere.  If its summertime perhaps you could go into the garden, sensing the stillness of a new day as you absorb the sounds of nature in the early morning. Or maybe take in the sunrise at the beach, watching the sunrise or the sunset. Stare at the rising sun absorbing its energy as you meditate. These are sacred moments, just you alone in the universe focusing on your inner self.  Finding your inner wisdom.

Meditation - you need to be comfortable

For a fulfilling meditation experience, your comfort and posture are super important.  There are lots of meditation cushions  on the market but finding the right one for you may take a bit of time. We recommend you choose a round cushion that is filled with buckwheat hulls, this is the recommended filling that most meditation teachers suggest. Buckwheat hull filled meditation cushions don’t sag and they can be adjusted to suit your size and comfort.

The round Zafu cushion and square Zabuton floor mat from NOLAVA Designs have been handcrafted and designed to deliver comfort and support for your back and hips.

The NOLAVA round Zafu cushion is Buckwheat filled with an inner zippered lining making it is easy to adjust  for comfort.  If you feel the cushion is a bit too high, simply remove some of the filling (keep it in a sealed bag to add back in later if required).

When sitting on a Zafu cushion it's important to sit slightly forward so that your knees are a bit lower than your pelvis, in this way you will not place undue pressure on the base of your spine, and you will be in a comfortable posture with proper spine alignment. For a bit of extra support and comfort try resting your palms on your knees, palms either up or down. If this is new to you you may need to wriggle around a bit until you find your ‘sweet spot’. You’ll find that you can sit for extended meditation times as you become more practiced. 

Adding a Zabuton (floor meditation mat) underneath your Zafu cushion will increase your comfort.  If you're tall this can be a great addition because it gives you a soft place to comfortably fold your legs without them becoming  numb and tingling.  If you're sitting on a hard floor this will also add an extra layer of comfort. Our range of cushions are designed to match each other.  

NOLAVA Wellbeing App

To further support your meditation journey try using the NOLAVA Wellbeing App. The app is designed to complement your meditation practice.  It offers guided meditations plus a wide range of soundscapes and music.  If time is short you could try one of the  guided meditations.  

We created the app for both beginners and seasoned meditators.

Download it from the App Store or Google Play Store today !!

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