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THE LOTUS EYE PILLOW - it really packs a punch when it comes to health and wellbeing

THE LOTUS EYE PILLOW -  it really packs a punch when it comes to health and wellbeing

We use organic cotton in the manufacture of all Lotus Eye Pillows; we think it’s non negotiable, no one wants itchy watery eyes ! The lavender we use is imported from France, that’s the secret to its authentic and long lasting scent. 

Since our first purple colored eye pillow over 5 years ago we gradually expanded to offer a wider range of mindfully inspired colors. In this brief article we are going to expand your mind and show you some amazing uses for your  LOTUS Eye Pillow. Stick with us on this because if you read to the end you’ll find out how you can also  win a gift from us to you !

In recent times following some wonderful and insightful customer feedback ( we love to hear from our customers )  we added 3 new options to our range.  Then, and on top of this we also invested in  creating an App just for you ! We know it can be a challenge to switch off, find peace and time for self nurturing. We hope you find some value from the ongoing experience of tuning into the App for those moments when you need a bit of extra care. 

Another  little known fact about the NOLAVA Wellbeing App, something that makes it truly unique is that we are the 1st and the only  EyePillow in the World to have its  own dedicated App - we think that’s very cool indeed and it was done entirely for YOU !

Unscented |  With Lavender Oil  |    With Strap for seated meditation &  side sleepers

So, with these extra options we think there's a perfect match for everyone's needs and preferences.

Some of the reasons why you’ve told us the LOTUS Eye Pillow is a Must-Have:

  1. Stress Relief: Just a few minutes with the eye pillow can significantly reduce stress levels, thanks to its gentle pressure and the optional calming scent of lavender.
  2. Improved Sleep Quality: By blocking out light and providing soothing aromatherapy, it helps signal to your body that it's time to wind down and rest.
  3. Headache and Migraine Relief: The gentle weight can help alleviate tension headaches and migraines by relaxing the muscles around the eyes and temples.
  4. Enhanced Yoga and Meditation Practices: Use it during Savasana or meditation for deeper relaxation and focus.
  5. Eye Strain Relief: Ideal for those who spend long hours in front of screens, helping to soothe and rest tired eyes.

10 Additional Creative Uses for Your LOTUS Eye Pillow:

  1. Travel Companion: Transform any seat into a first-class relaxation zone on your next flight or long car journey.
  2. Dental Zen Zone: Ease the tension of dental appointments by placing it over your eyes during procedures.
  3. Spa Therapy at Home: Create your own spa experience by combining the eye pillow with a hot bath and your favorite tunes.
  4. Sports Recovery: Pop it into the freezer and use it to soothe sore muscles or areas of tension after a workout or sports activity.
  5. Power Nap Enhancer: Maximize the benefits of a quick nap by blocking out light and drifting off to the scent of lavender.
  6. Mindfulness Reminder: Keep it at your work desk for a quick relaxation break, helping to refocus and recharge your mind.
  7. Sunset Simulator: Wind down in the evening with the pillow over your eyes, encouraging your natural sleep cycles without actual sunset.
  8. Acupressure Assistant: Use it to apply gentle pressure on specific points, such as the forehead or temples, to relieve stress.
  9. Study Buddy: Take a break from the books or screens to rest your eyes and clear your mind for better concentration. Try warming it in the microwave for a few seconds for a handy, instant relief for dry eyes. 
  10. Comfort in Cold and Flu Season: Warm the unscented version slightly ( a few seconds in the microwave ) and use it to relieve sinus pressure or congestion. If you have the unscented version you could try adding some Eucalyptus oil for a bit of extra soothing care.

This  list of 10 uses is not exhaustive, we know there are lots of other possible uses. Because we're  excited to see how the LOTUS Eye Pillow enhances your life  we're inviting you to share your journey with us. Whether it's turning a hectic travel day into a zen escape, transforming your dental appointment anxieties into moments of bliss, or simply adding a touch of spa-like serenity to your daily routine, we want to see it! 

So, get creative, start snapping, and share how the LOTUS Eye Pillow is making a difference in your world. We can't wait to see your photos and celebrate the many ways our community embraces health, wellness, and a bit of LOTUS EyePillow luxury. 

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