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Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga

There’s a good reason why Yoga first thing in the morning is so beneficial because it can really set us up for a great day ahead.

In the morning Sattva Guna (from Samkhya philosophy which refers to the qualities of the universe) known to represent the cosmic qualities of clarity, harmony and abundance presents the best time to meditate and perform our creative practices before the rest of the world wakes up.  

This could be your chance for some quiet meditation time combined with daily affirmations and some daily journaling time.  Mornings are the best time to bring focus and calm to your being. 

If this is new to you, maybe go to bed a bit earlier and set the alarm 30 minutes before you typically start your day.  Remembering this is time for YOU.  Go easy on yourself, it can take a while to create new habits.

If your location allows try facing the sun as it rises above the ocean, imagine you are joining with the universe, feeling the energy as you tap into the early morning light.  Or you could light a candle adding a peaceful aura to your chosen meditation space at home.  Pause, take some deep slow breaths as you center yourself before beginning your chosen yoga sequence. 

At this time of the day it’s most beneficial to work on the spine, stretching it out after a night in bed is a great way to get moving and reconnect as your body slowly eases into a new day.

Try the Cat to Cow stretch ( CHAKRAVAKASANA).

This pose will help to release stiffness and embody flexibility. It’s an excellent antidote to days spent sitting at a desk.  If you’re working from home it will help you to improve posture and spinal flexibility.

Start in Child’s Pose (BALASANA), take this time to connect with your breath for a few moments. Slowly inhaling and exhaling for a count of 4.

  • Move to a neutral Box Pose position with wrists under shoulders and knees under hip joints. Spreading the shoulder blades apart while pressing evenly into the palms of both hands.
  • Inhale, lower the ribs, arch the back, and lift the gaze. Keeping the chest open.
  • As you exhale, press into the palms as you round through the spine with your gaze to the navel.
  • Breathe through cycles until you feel open in the front and back body.


Choose some other poses to support your needs and gently build up as you work towards greater flexibility and strength.



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